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«Cannara Onion: sweetness, softness and digestibility! The Cannara Onion has absolutely unique and excellent qualities and properties, starting with the sweetness and tenderness of its pulp. It represents the most important and well-known typical local product of the Cannara area, so much so that it has been the subject, since 1981, of the now famous Cannara Onion Festival. There are three types of onion that are grown in Cannara, the red, the golden and the flat, all sharing the same sweetness and softness, but each with different characteristics that allow a very varied use: the red onion can also be eaten raw in salads or croutons or it can be used for jams and compotes; the golden onion is ideal for sauces, pizza and soups; the Onion Borrettana, the flat one, is ideal for use in baked recipes (...)(Consortium of Cannara Onion Producers).


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