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Sapori dall'Umbria - Assisi

Via Giovanni Becchetti, 7

Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

Tel. 075.8041298 - Cell. 3336244308

P. IVA 02945550545

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CURED MEAT montisibillini,norcia,maiale,norcini,valnerina,capocollo,lonza

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The meats used are the noblest of pork: muscle bundles of the neck that adhere to the cervical vertebrae and are stuffed with natural casings. In order for the salting to be homogeneous and for all parts to be properly flavored, the product is massaged for a long time. Finally, a natural seasoning allows the completion of the production.

The images are indicative and may vary due to production specifications.

umbrian-capocollo-in-garlic-straw-paper-br-750-gr-approx-whole-or-slice umbrian-capocollo-in-garlic-straw-paper-br-750-gr-approx-whole-or-slice

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