Sapori dall’Umbria

Specialità Dolci e Salate Tipiche Umbre


Sapori dall'Umbria - Assisi

Via Giovanni Becchetti, 7

Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

Tel. 075.8041298 - Cell. 3336244308

P. IVA 02945550545

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PRÉSIDI SLOW FOOD igp,norcia,lenticchiedicastelluccio,castelluccio

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«(...) Once considered the meat of the poor, they constitute a food naturally low in fat and sodium. Excellent source of fiber, they are an ideal dish for a varied and balanced diet. Their precious flavor is accompanied by ease of cooking: a mix that makes them a truly indispensable product for the preparation of dishes with a rustic and intense character. (...) The custom of eating lentils on New Year's Eve to wish prosperity comes from a tradition of ancient Rome, that of giving away a pouch full of lentils at the beginning of the year, with the hope that these would be transformed in cash. The scarsella was in fact a small leather bag that was fastened to the belt and was used to carry money» (Sapori di Norcia).

lentils-of-castelluccio-di-norcia-igp-br-500-gr lentils-of-castelluccio-di-norcia-igp-br-500-gr lentils-of-castelluccio-di-norcia-igp-br-500-gr

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