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Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

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"Authentic pearl of Made in Umbria, a unique but little-known product in the wine scene, it risks extinction. The production of vin santo is a tradition that belongs to all the wine-growing areas of Tuscany and Umbria. But in the upper Valtiberina, around Città di Castello, over the centuries families have developed a technique that has made this product unique and original: the drying of the bunches or coppiole (bunches hung together in twos) is done in rich of smoke, due to the presence of fireplaces and stoves, and this gives a smoky note to the final product. Historically, all the families in the area hung the bunches from the ceiling beams, in the kitchen, allowing the smoke from the fireplace to rise and permeate the grapes, but in the 19th century this tradition became intertwined with the growing activity of the time: the production of tobacco. In the rooms built to hang out the tobacco leaves to dry, the wine producers also arranged the bunches, exposing them to the fire and smoke of the large wood stoves. The union between the two products continued even afterwards: when the farmers dug up the tin boxes where they had hidden some tobacco to take it away from the state monopolies, to soften the leaves they sprinkled them with holy wine. (...) (Piccolo Mondo by N. Tamburrino).


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