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Arbor Vitae is a 100% natural liqueur produced with olive leaves and twigs. For millennia, the olive tree, called the tree of life, has accompanied the history of man and is considered a sacred tree by all the most advanced cultures of antiquity. It is said that to grow well the olive tree needs the 5 "S": Silence, Drought, Solitude, Sun, Stones. The olive tree is one of the most resistant and long-lived trees in the world, it borders on immortality, and the leaves contain the secret of so much vital force as they contain precious elements for our health such as polyphenols, which perform an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action . The result of an ancient process of infusing the leaves and twigs of this wonderful tree, without the addition of flavors and dyes, 100% natural. Pleasant flavor for an unusual end of meal, to be served fresh to fully savor the extraordinary flavor of all the natural elements that, from the olive leaves, create this liqueur. The twig inside the bottle embellishes the product, continuing to release the properties of which it is the custodian. Any sediments in the bottle denote the naturalness of the product. Aperitif: neat or with the addition of prosecco or tonic water in combination with olives, fresh cheeses, snacks. Digestive: neat or with ice, for a splendid after meal.


Alcohol 24% Vol

Volume cl 50.

Antica Valle Francescana, Arbor Vitae, Liquore di foglie di olivo Antica Valle Francescana, Arbor Vitae, Liquore di foglie di olivo

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