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Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

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This cheese is produced with cow's milk heated for a very short time to 72 ° -75 ° C, then salted for 40/60 days and then matured. The characteristic of this product is a cheese without holes, when cut it is extremely compact, it takes on a slightly marble characteristic with aging. On the palate it is not very savory and slightly tasty, pleasantly spicy. Externally it has a hard brown crust, the surface in fact is treated with linseed oil.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, selected lactic ferments, salt, rennet. Inedible rind.

Sizes: Whole wheel - Half wheel - Quarter wheel.

The images are indicative and may vary due to production specifications.

rigatino-vaccino-semi-stagionato-br-mezza-forma-750-gr-ca rigatino-vaccino-semi-stagionato-br-mezza-forma-750-gr-ca

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