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Sapori dall'Umbria - Assisi

Via Giovanni Becchetti, 7

Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

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Organic Millefiori Honey of superior quality, which the Augusto Coli Farm produces within the Paradiso delle Api, in Compignano in Umbria, in an uncontaminated space, where the rule is deep respect for the rhythms of nature. It is liquid extracted from the honeycombs with cold centrifugation, without being subjected to heat preservation treatments. As in all wildflower honeys, it is difficult to determine the exact composition of the blooms, but in the hills where bees are raised the prevalent blooms are heather and legumes, including sainfoin, on, alfalfa. Also present the sunflower. Amelio is a precious food for health, which holds the secret of a healthy and profound balance between the activities of men and the industriousness of bees.

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