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Sapori dall'Umbria - Assisi

Via Giovanni Becchetti, 7

Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

Tel. 075.8041298 - Cell. 3336244308

P. IVA 02945550545

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Truly superior quality product. Also known as Prosciutto di Cazittu, which has a weight of 6.5/7 kg boned and vacuum packed. Full flavoured, highly satisfying on the palate, it is the typical ham of central Italy. Not for nothing is the product immediately close to the one characterized by the excellence of the PGI recognition.


The images are indicative and may vary according to the production specifications.

alt=“Prosciutto di Norcia, Valle di Cazittu” alt=“Prosciutto di Norcia, Valle di Cazittu”

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