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«(...) The Rock of Assisi, the sweet snake to celebrate All Saints' Day and every holiday! It would be nice to be able to say that the Rocciata di Assisi was the favorite dessert of Francis, the poor saint, but alas, it is not so. (...) However, considering the typicality, origins and goodness of the Rocciata, one cannot help but think that even this native dessert of Umbria and the Marches did not fall within the good graces of the Saint! Oh yes, because the Rocciata as it is called in Foligno and Assisi or Attorta, as it is called in the mountains of Foligno and in Perugia, is a rich, fragrant, delicious dessert similar to Strudel! But how is it possible that such a typical dessert from central Italy is related to strudel? Well, the explanations are varied and diverse: among the most accredited, the one that traces the diffusion of the Rocciata back to the time in which the Lombards established their own state in the area of Umbria and Marche, during the early Middle Ages, also bringing with them the own gastronomic traditions. In reality, there are testimonies that see a similar dessert present on Gubbio tables on the occasion of sacred rites in honor of an ancient Umbrian deity, the god Hondo Cerfio, thus tracing its origins back to the ancient Umbrians and giving a "certificate of authenticity ”, if we can say so, at the Rocciata. Finally, less accredited because it lacks historical-gastronomic foundations but widespread as a popular story, the belief that the Rocciata would have been brought to Umbria by Austrian soldiers passing through in the 18th century, thus tracing its origin to a more recent age. But how is the Rock of Assisi made? It is a baked dessert which has been recognized as PAT - Traditional Agri-Food Product and for which the city of Foligno is trying to obtain DOP certification. It is a thin pastry made with flour, water and oil, some say with the addition of wine, on which a series of ingredients are "stretched": the basic ones common to all versions of this dessert are the cut apples very thin, sugar, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil. But there are richer variants that include various types of dried fruit such as hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts, figs, sultanas and plums, as well as cocoa, chocolate flakes, jam, vin santo and alchèrmes: the latter can be used instead of 'oil also to brush the dessert before putting it in the oven (...) (Italian Food Blogger Association).


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alt=“La Rocciata Umbra” alt=“Rocciata umbra ripiena con frutta secca” alt=“Rocciata di Assisi”

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