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Santa Maria degli Angeli - ASSISI (Perugia) Italy

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«Soft, juicy, spicy, with an irresistible hint of smoke that first envelops the sense of smell and then the palate. Among the most appetizing and ancient dishes of Umbrian cuisine is the cicotto, originally from Grutti, a small fraction - with just five hundred inhabitants - of Gualdo Cattaneo, in the province of Perugia. It is obtained from the less valuable cuts of pork – ears, trotters, shank, tongue, tripe and other innards – cooked for a long time in a wood-burning oven, with a unique process that makes this specialty extraordinarily tender and fragrant. The tradition of cicotto has been handed down from father to son for at least five centuries: the first official mention, in fact, dates back to 1570, when Bartolomeo Scappi, cook of popes Paul III and Pius V, published the Opera, an impressive cookbook in six volumes in which, with this term, he identifies the leg and leg of the pig. In the past, every family in Grutti prepared it, cooking it in the communal oven - which still exists but is no longer in use -, from which a fragrance continually spread which invaded the square and the narrow streets of the small medieval village. The locals used it to add flavor to legume soups, especially chickpeas and beans, or in an unusual combination with land snails, particularly common in the Terni area. And since nothing was thrown away, the dripped fat – called 'ntocco in dialect – was used to season pasta and to give substance to sauces, soups and poor dishes (...)» (Mangiare Buono ).


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Cicotto di Grutti, Presidio Slow Food Umbria Cicotto di Grutti e fatto da orecchie, zampetti, stinco, lingua e altre parti meno nobili del maiale Panino con Cicotto di Grutti, Presidio Slow Food Umbria

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